Rethinking Sustainability


Rethinking water, waste and energy to make a difference to millions of people, everyday

At Veolia, we aspire to deliver improved sustainability outcomes for ourselves, our customers and our communities, helping to preserve the living environment by delivering water, waste and energy solutions.

In our quest to tackle climate change, precious resources must be used wisely and protected to the best of our ability. That's why, in our quest to Resource the World, we are Rethinking Sustainability for our clients each and every day. 

At our core, we operate in a sustainable manner, guided by sustainable practices and principles

We understand our client's challenges and deliver tailored solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint. Forming strategic partnerships that are focused on collaboration and innovation, our local experts utilise global knowledge to deliver integrated solutions. 

Case studies: How are we making a difference?

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share some of our most inspiring projects with you. From recycling water in drought-prone South East Queensland and reducing large-scale health facilities' carbon footprint in NSW's Illawarra-Shoalhaven region, to ensuring green and organic waste is not wasted in Bulla, Victoria, take a look at how we are rethinking water, waste, energy and our communities. 

Rethinking Water: Hunter Water and Seqwater

Rethinking Waste: Auckland Council and Bulla Organics Recovery Facility

Rethinking Energy: the University of the Sunshine coast and Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District

Rethinking Communities: North West Alliance





Veolia presents: A circular economy in 360 video

Waste happens, but what happens to your waste? Watch the journey of a tomato in 360 video by clicking here. Or click the video below. 

Please note - for the best viewing experience please watch the video via the Facebook or YouTube app. 

Together, let’s Rethink Sustainability

Rethinking Sustainability is the new narrative, articulating how Veolia positively impacts people’s day-to-day lives across Australia and New Zealand through extraordinary practices of innovation and sustainability. It celebrates the work we do and the circular economy Veolia is helping to create.

Rethinking Sustainability is about challenging perceptions of sustainability, just as Veolia continues to challenge perceptions by delivering unprecedented environmental solutions. Not a day goes by without everyone consuming water and energy and producing waste so in essence, Veolia’s water, waste and energy solutions are vital to everyone’s daily life.

Sustainability is critical to the future and health of our cities and communities

Today, a shift in the social dynamic and global uncertainty means we are more aware of our environmental impacts than ever. Veolia is challenging the status quo and changing how society views sustainability - by Rethinking Sustainability.

We are committed to driving a Circular Economy

We are looking at things differently to do more, use less and make sure we’re ready for the future. That’s the Circular Economy.

Because no matter what it takes, it’s with yesterday’s old that we build a new tomorrow. Together.