Accountable. Sustainable solutions. We are one of the largest providers of water, waste and energy solutions to the municipal and residential sectors, helping meet the needs of local communities.

We are a trusted partner

We have over 20 years’ experience partnering with municipal and residential clients. Our services include:
  • Municipal water and wastewater treatment
  • Water networks and asset management
  • Commercial waste and resource recovery
  • Integrated HVAC and multi-technical services
  • Energy management
  • Facility operations and management services

We understand the challenges

We recognise the challenges your sector presents, such as: operating costs and constraints, increasing efficiency levels, waste levy and carbon liability, waste minimisation, meeting servicing growth, stakeholder management, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and preventing health and environmental risks.

We plug in our solutions

By integrating our solutions into your organisation, we can help you safely maximise service efficiencies, meet the needs of your community and achieve your sustainability goals. We provide:

Industry expertise
Our expert teams implement our solutions, allowing you to focus on your core business tasks.

Strong partnerships
We guarantee performance, accountability, transparency and regular communication. With 4000 employees nationally, we give you the flexibility to operate across regional and metropolitan areas, short and long term.

Sustainable outcomes
Our solutions meet evolving community needs, reducing environmental impacts through efficiency, research and innovation. We contribute to and engage with the communities where we operate and live.

Technical innovation
We provide access to innovative, future-looking solutions, which help increase efficiency, reduce risk and increase safety.

Specialised and bundled service capabilities
We can bundle our specialised capabilities across water, waste, cleaning and energy, delivering your business economies of scale and robust environmental compliance.
2.3.4 Being Eco-Friendly at Home
At Veolia we are committed to a sustainable future and we have put together a series of handy tips you can do at home to help reduce landfill waste, preserve water and increase your energy efficiency.
Smart Cities
Veolia is helping its customers rise create smarter, more sustainable cities by combining its expertise in waste, water and energy services to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions.
Community Education
At Veolia, we are committed to delivering focused educational programs that provide the public with a range of education resources. Find out why community education is important to us.