The education sector covers early child care and childhood education, school education, higher education and vocational education and training.

It consists of schools, colleges, universities and private education institutions. Education is a significant and growing contributor to the Australian economy.

What are some challenges that Veolia is familiar with in the education sector?

The main challenges that we have come across are:
  • Reducing disparities between schools
  • Increasing school rankings and community recognition
  • Attracting new students
  • Ensuring quality education to equip students for life and work in the 21st century
  • Guaranteeing health and safety of students, teachers and visitors
  • Reducing non-education costs and minimising environmental impacts

What’s Veolia’s view on changing how the education sector tackles these challenges?

Veolia works with a number of clients in the education sector, delivering tailored solutions for their waste, water and energy challenges.

By developing a partnership, and understanding your operations and challenges, we deliver compliant, efficient, safe solutions that help you reduce your environmental and social impact.

For example, Veolia can help reduce your waste-related environmental impact, through a robust training and education program and signage to assist with diversion from landfill.

Through our partnerships with other clients in the education sector, we’ve been able to reduce the amount general waste sent to landfill, increase awareness of recycling for staff and students and improve recycling rates.

Want to learn more about how Veolia tackles the environmental challenges faced by the education sector?

Please go to our dedicated pages for the sector, Schools and Campuses, or follow the instructions below:

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