Transfer Stations

transfer station

Resource Recovery Centres

The efficient and timely disposal of large volumes of household and commercial waste relies on the utilisation of intermediary facilities called transfer stations. At Veolia’s facilities, waste is deposited by collection vehicles and then sorted into categories for subsequent collection and transfer to appropriate landfill or recycling destinations.

Veolia's Transfer Stations are located at:
  • Clyde Transfer Terminal (NSW)
  • IWS Wingfield Facility (SA)
  • Greenacre Transfer Terminal (NSW)
  • Banksmeadow Transfer Station (NSW)
  • Port Botany Transfer Station (NSW)
  • Archerfield Transfer Station (QLD)
For more information on specific transfer stations, check out the case studies listed below.



Clyde Transfer Station, NSW

Pick up

Archerfield Transfer Station, QLD

Civil & Facility Maintenance - Integrated Waste Management

Port Botany Transfer Station, NSW

Treatment plant

Greenacre Transfer Station, NSW	Banksmeadow Transfer Terminal

Banksmeadow Transfer Station, NSW


Integrated Waste Services, SA


Dandenong, VIC

Kenya Water Treatment Plant

Treatment Plants Camellia Recycling Centre

Sorting & Recycling Facilities